Фото 1 - интерьер кафе, музей Фаберже
Фото 2 - интерьер кафе, музей Фаберже
Фото 3 - интерьер кафе, музей Фаберже
Фото 4 - интерьер кафе, музей Фаберже

The cafe of the Faberge Museum is located on the ground floor of the Shuvalov Palace. It is perfect for a business breakfast, a vernissage or a warm tête-à-tête meeting. The eclectic interior with original prints by Takashi Murakami, Mark Quinn and other contemporary artists harmoniously complements the exquisite, classic exhibition halls, transporting visitors from one time to another. The cafe of the Faberge Museum is open every day for absolutely everyone, regardless of the visit to the exhibition: from 10:00 to 21:00. It always has a themed menu and WiFi.


The restaurant has 55 seats and has three halls.

This summer, the menu focuses on fantasy desserts dedicated to the main headliners of the Faberge Museum collection: Easter masterpieces, objets de fantaisie, etc.




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фото - Faberge Egg
Faberge Egg
фото - Cheesecake
фото - Gold ore
Gold ore
фото - Pear and apple tart
Pear and apple tart
фото - Pear Williams
Pear Williams
фото - Mandarins
фото - Hesperides Apples
Hesperides Apples


фото - Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich
фото - Salmon Sandwich
Salmon Sandwich


фото - Warm salad with roast beef
Warm salad with roast beef
фото - Tuna salad
Tuna salad

Main dishes

фото - Spicy pumpkin cream soup
Spicy pumpkin cream soup
фото - Mushroom cream soup
Mushroom cream soup
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