Museum Rules

01. Additional rules (COVID-19)
0.1. It is envisaged to attend exhibitions and events of the Foundation mainly on pre-purchased tickets for specific sessions with a fixed date and time of entry.
0.2. It is recommended to purchase electronic tickets on the Foundation's website www.fabergemuseum.ru.
0.3. When paying for tickets at the Foundation’s ticket-office, it is recommended to use non-contact payment methods using bank cards, smartphone payment technologies, avoiding the use of cash.
0.4. Before the start of the inspection, the visitor must pass the ticket control. Upon presentation of a discount ticket at the control point, the visitor is required, upon request of the Foundation employee, to present a document confirming the right to use the privilege. In the absence of a document confirming the right for a discount ticket, the visitor may be denied access to exhibition.
0.5. Visitors must come to the exhibition by the time the visiting session begins. In case of being late for the session, the Foundation employees have the right to deny access to the exhibition without refund of the ticket price.
0.6. Visitors who have purchased tickets for a guided tour are formed into groups of up to 15 people and attend the exhibition only if accompanied by a Foundation guide.
0.7. The duration of each session is indicated on the ticket.
0.8. Excursion sessions are held in accordance with the schedule. The administration reserves the right to change the schedule of sessions.
0.9. Routing is organized on the premises of the Foundation, eliminating oncoming flows, as well as providing separate entrances and exits to both the building and the premises.
0.10. Visitors are required to comply with the established route at the exhibition to avoid crossing streams.
0.11. The administration regulates a certain time spent in each room and informs visitors by placing appropriate information stands. Visitors are required to comply with the established time limits for visits.
0.12. Visiting an exhibition or event is possible only if wearing a hygiene mask; in the absence, the foundation has the right to deny the access.
0.13. It is recommended that everyone in the building maintain a social distance of at least 1.5 meters.
0.14. It is recommended to refuse to visit the museum when having respiratory symptoms characteristic of SARS, to observe personal hygiene rules, including the use of sanitizers.
0.15. If a visitor has signs of SARS, the Fund has the right to deny the access without refund of the cost of the admission ticket.
02. General Terms

1.1. The Cultural and Historical Foundation “The Link of Times” non-commercial organization (hereinaſter – the Foundation), using its own resources and efforts, hereby sets forth the terms and conditions for acquainting the public with historical and cultural valuables of Russia, as well as cultural and historical valuables belonging to foreign countries, organizations, and citizens.


1.2. The rules for visiting exhibitions and events (hereinaſterreferred to as the Rules) determine the procedure for presence on the territory and premises of the Cultural and Historical Foundation “The Link of Times" non-commercial organization for the purpose of viewing an exhibition or participating in events held by the Foundation.


1.3. By purchasing a ticket to visit the Foundation's exhibitions or events, the visitor assumes the obligation to comply with these Rules.


1.4. The premises of the Foundation and the territory of the Foundation are the premises of the Foundation's branch in St. Petersburg, located in Naryshkin (Shuvalov) Palace and the territory adjoined to the palace at the following address: 21A Fontanka River Embankment, St. Petersburg, Russia.


1.5. These Rules are mandatory for unconditional implementation by all visitors.


1.6. The rules are available on the Foundation's website http://fabergemuseum.ru/ and at the information desks in the entrance areas of the Foundation's premises.

03. Opening hours

2.1. Exhibitions and events of the Foundation are available for visiting on the days and hours set by the schedule of opening hours established by the order of the Executive Director of the Foundation.


2.2. Ticket sales and entrance of visitors stops 30 minutes before the closing of the exhibition or an event.


2.3. Information on the opening hours of exhibitions and events, and of the ticket office, as well as changes in the opening hours, are available on the Foundation's website www.fabergemuseum.ru and at the information desks in the entrance areas of the Foundation’s premises.

04. Admission and attendance at an exhibition or event

3.1. Admission to exhibitions and events of the Foundation is by purchased tickets.


3.2. Visiting exhibitions and events is carried out in guided groups and individually.


3.3. Visitors who purchase tickets for a guided tour shall be formed into groups of up to 15 people and attend the exhibition accompanied by a guide.


3.4. Guided tours can be carried out by a guide approved by the Foundation.


3.5. Visitors who purchase tickets for an individual visit are to attend the exposition in accordance with the date and time of the visit specified in the ticket.


3.6. The procedure for the sale and purchase of tickets to exhibitions and events of the Foundation is determined by the Rules for the sale of tickets, located at the information desks in the entrance areas and on the Foundation's website http://fabergemuseum.ru/.


3.7. Discount tickets are sold at the Foundation’s ticket office to a person eligible for the discount, or to their legal or other representative, in the presence of a visitor entitled to a discount.


3.8. Before starting a visit to an exhibition or event, the visitor must pass the ticket control.


3.9. A visitor applying to the Foundation’s ticket office to purchase a discount ticket must present a document confirming the right to a privilege.


3.10. When presenting a discount ticket at the checkpoint, the visitor is required to present a document confirming the right to use the discount ticket at the request of a Foundation staff member. In the absence of a document confirming the right to a discount ticket, visitors may be denied access to the exhibition or event without a refund of the cost of the entrance ticket.

05. Inbound inspection and other security requirements

4.1. The Foundation's premises counts with video surveillance and control of the entrance to the exhibition rooms. Security staff inspect incoming visitors and hand luggage using stationary and manual metal detectors or X-ray television inspection equipment.


4.2. If a visitor refuses to go through the metal detector frame and/or present their hand luggage, its contents, as well as personal items carried separately, the visitor is not admitted to the Foundation's premises.


4.3. Visitors using pacemakers or other medical equipment that is sensitive to the effects of a metal detector should inform the Foundation's staff before undergoing the inspection procedure and provide a document confirming the presence of medical equipment. After that, the visitor can undergo an examination without the use special means.

06. Rules of conduct at exhibitions and events

5.1. Visitors have the right to enter exhibitions and events if the following requirements are met:

  1. clean, neat clothes and shoes are worn;
  2. outer garments are leſt in the cloakroom and large bags, backpacks, luggage, etc. with dimensions exceed ing 30x20x15 cm. are placed in a locker. It is prohibited to enter an exhibition with items larger than 30x20x15 cm. that cannot be leſt in a locker because of their size or special value;
  3. shoe covers are worn;
  4. instructions of the guide, Foundation staff, and/or security staff are followed while on a guided tour or making an individual visit.


5.2. Visitors are forbidden to carry or bring with them: 

  1. any type of weapon (gas, non-lethal weapons, blades, firearms, pneumatic weapons, toy weapons, electroshock weapons, canisters containing gases, etc.), or any item that can be considered or used as a weapon;
  2. tools, instruments, sports equipment (balls, bats, sticks, etc.);
  3. means of transportation (including scooters, bicycles, self-balancing scooters, roller skates, etc.);
  4. vehicles for transporting goods (carts, etc.);
  5. food;
  6. alcoholic, narcotic, or psychotropic substances;
  7. explosive, flammable, poisonous, or toxic substances, etc.;
  8. animals.


5.3. At exhibitions and events, visitors may not:

  1. violate public order;
  2. be in a state of alcoholic, narcotic, or other intoxication, or smoke or use alcoholic, narcotic, or psychotropic substances;
  3. wear dirty clothes or service uniforms, dirty shoes, bathing suits, roller skates, et c.;
  4. go beyond barriers or tapes, or touch the exhibits, showcases, or features of the interior;
  5. sit on pieces of furniture from exhibition collections;
  6. use mobile phones while on guided tours;
  7. talk or comment loudly on guided tours;
  8. consume drinks or food in the exhibition halls;
  9. attend an exhibition or event without shoe covers. 


If such violations are discovered, the staff of the Foundation and/or the security staff have the right to demand that the visitor leave the exhibition or event without receiving a refund of the cost of the entrance ticket.

07. Terms and conditions for photo and video recording

6.1. The Foundation has the right to authorize or prohibit photo and video shooting at an exhibition or event as a whole, of certain items or during a certain period of time.


6.2. At exhibitions and events, amateur photography is allowed, unless another rule is approved by the Foundation.


6.3. Amateur photography is allowed on the following conditions:

  1. use of flash when photographing is prohibited;
  2. the photographs must be taken without the use of any special (professional) equipment, tripod s, monopods, including amateur hand monopods (so-called "selfie-sticks"), additional lighting, reflective screens, other equipment and props, or video cameras.


6.4. At temporary exhibitions and events, amateur video shooting is prohibited unless another rule is approved by the Foundation.


6.5. The implementation of photo and video shooting by representatives of mass media is allowed on the basis of preliminary accreditation through the Foundation's press service.


6.6. It is necessary to obtain the permission of the Foundation for professional cinema, photo, and video filming, as well as for film, photo, and video shooting using tripods, lighting devices, or other special equipment (at least one of the above elements). Applications for all kinds of professional pho to, film, and video filming or shooting with the use of special equipment must be sent to the press service of the Foundation via e-mail: pr@fabergemuseum.ru.


6.7. The use of images of any objects of the Foundation obtained through photo, film, and video for commercial purposes is possible only with prior permission of the Foundation.


6.8. The Foundation has the right to prohibit the photographing of certain items by marking them with the appropriate sign: "Photo and video shooting is prohibited", and to prohibit photo and video shooting if such would make it difficult for visitors to move through the exhibition hall or event.

08. Children visiting exhibitions and events, age restrictions

7.1. In accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 436-FZ of 29 December 2010 "On the protection of children from information that is harmful to their health and development," when buying tickets, visitors should pay attention to age restrictions on attending the event (such information is indicated on the posters and tickets). Responsibility for non-compliance with this condition in regard to children rests on the parents.


7.2. Parents or other accompanying persons are obliged to inform children about the rules of visiting exhibitions and events and are responsible for their observance by children.


7.3. If the child's behavior violates public order, the Foundation's administration has the right to demand that the parents (legal representatives) temporarily leave the premises where the exhibition or event is held, with the right to continue their visit or participation in the event.


7.4. Juvenile visitors 13 years of age and under shall be admit ted to an exhibition only with their parents, or their legal or other representative s if there is no age restriction for visiting the exhibition for this category of visitors.


7.5. Juveniles from 14 to 18 years of age may visit the exhibit ion independently if there is no age restriction for visiting the exhibition for this category of visitors.

09. Conditions for visiting exhibitions and events by limited mobility population groups

8.1. The Foundation's premises are equipped to provide for visiting groups of people with limited mobility (persons with disabilities, including wheelchair users, people with small children, and other categories of people with limited mobility).


8.2. Infants and young children can be taken to exhibitions and events in baby carriages and strollers.


8.3. The allowed width of relevant equipment (wheelchairs, baby carriages, strollers) is up to 85 cm, due to the width of the elevator and doorways, and is required by fire safety regulations. In case the equipment exceeds the specified size, the visitor can use the Foundation's equipment, which is provided free of charge, to access the exhibition halls.


8.4. When using the elevator to access the exhibition halls, a weight restriction of 200 kg applies.


8.5. When using the elevator, wheelchair users are accompanied by a Foundation staff member, while children in baby carriages and strollers must be accompanied by their parents or legal representatives.


8.5. When the elevator is used to aid wheelchair users in gaining access to a floor, a Foundation staff member shall be provided to accompany the guest. Children in baby carriages and strollers require only the accompaniment of their pa rents or their legal representatives.


8.6. Visitors with vision loss may be admitted to the Foundation's exhibitions and events accompanied by a guide dog. The guide dog must be in a muzzle and on a leash. At the request of the Foundation’s staff, a visitor entering the exhibition accompanied by a guide dog is obliged to provide a document confirming their vision impairment, as well as documents for the guide dog (guide dog passport, veterinary certificate).

10. Enforcement of the rules for visiting

9.1. Enforcement of the Rules shall be carried out by the Foundation’s staff members and security staff.


9.2. Persons violating the requirements of these Rules shall be removed from the exhibition or event without refunding the cost of their entrance ticket.


9.3. The Foundation is not liable for valuable property (cash, traveler's checks, jewelry, bankcards, identity documents, travel tickets, etc.) left in public places, as well as in clothes left in the cloakroom and storage lockers.


9.4. Material damage caused to the Foundation through the fault of a visitor must be compensated by the visitor in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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