For Kids

A tour guide will lead the kids on a journey through the halls of Fabergé Museum, where they’ll find out how the great Russian jeweller Carl Fabergé was able to transform his small workshop into a jewellery company famous the world over.

During the tour, the young visitors will learn about the rules that existed for decorations and clothing accessories, as well as how the role that these little things play in our lives has changed over the last century.

The kids will hear the story of how Easter eggs, the traditional gift of that holiday, first appeared and what they mean. They’ll also find out about the traditions of Easter egg decorations and the techniques the Fabergé firm’s artisans used.

This is an exciting adventure into a world of fairytale creatures from the Fabergé firm’s “priceless zoo.” The kids are in for a fascinating tour of the Museum’s main exhibition, and they will also take part in master classes based on the collection.

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