Press Office

Dear colleagues,


Please address all press-related enquiries to Fabergé Museum’s PR department.




Phone: +7 (812) 6001145 (ext.140)
Email: pr@fabergemuseum.ru
Address: 21 Fontanka River Embankment , St. Petersburg, Russia


PR Director – Ekaterina Puchkova

PR Manager – Anastasia Pshenichnikova

Internet Marketing - Daria Kudinova


1. Filming in Fabergé Museum


In order to do any filming in Fabergé Museum, please send us an accreditation request a week in advance of your planned shoot.


Your request must be made using the form provided below. It must be addressed to Fabergé Museum’s PR Director (Ekaterina Puchkova) and must include an explanation of how and why the footage will be used, the passport details of all participants, a list of equipment and any other pertinent information.


Request Form


2. Pictures of the masterpieces in Fabergé Museum’s collection


In order to receive images, please send us a letter to pr@fabergemuseum.ru with a list of the required images and an explanation of how and why they will be used.


We look forward to working with you!

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