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Important information


• Visits are strictly in scheduled sessions

• Admission to the museum is carried out mainly by online tickets

• The duration of a session is 60 minutes

• The number of tickets for sessions is limited. Group size - no more than 15 people

• When purchasing a discount ticket at the ticket office or on the Museum website, documents proving the privilege must be presented

• Before visiting, be sure to read the rules of visiting: https://fabergemuseum.ru/en/for-visitors/museum-rules


The museum has the right to temporarily limit the sale of tickets at the ticket office for reasons of comfort and safety of visitors and the safety of the exhibition.

Type of ticket
Type of ticket and cost:

Full entrance ticket
Cost 500 rub.
Discounted entrance ticket*
Cost 250 rub.
Ticket for a guided tour of Fabergé Museum’s main exhibition
Cost 1000 rub.
Audio guide
Cost 250 rub.

Categories of citizens entitled to discounted and free entry

*Categories of citizens entitled to discounted tickets:

  1. Senior citizens
  2. Full-time university students
  3. Schoolchildren
  4. Students of the Suvorov Military School, Nakhimov Naval School or any military music colleges or military (naval) schools
  5. Licensed guides
  6. Members of the Russian trade unions of artists, architects or designers

**Categories of citizens entitled to free entry:


Please, note that this right is extended only for eligible individuals visiting Fabergé Museum’s main exhibition (without a guided tour). Visitors who fall into the following categories may purchase a discounted ticket for a guided tour.

  1. Hero of the Soviet Union
  2. Hero of the Russian Federation
  3. Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory
  4. Heroes of Socialist Labor
  5. Cavaliers of the Order of Labor Glory (1st, 2nd and 3rd class)
  6. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War
  7. Recipients of the Medal for the Defense of Leningrad
  8. Recipients of the Commemorative Badge to the Residents of Besieged Leningrad
  9. Former prisoners of concentration camps, ghettoes and other places of involuntary confinement created by the Nazis during the Second World War
  10. Army conscripts
  11. Disabled persons (groups I and II)
  12. Wheelchair users accompanied by one person
  13. Veterans of military conflict
  14. Members of large families
  15. Employees of Russian museums
  16. Members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM)
  17. Orphaned children and children not under their parents’ custody
  18. Children under the age of 7

The discount categories listed above apply only to citizens of Russia and Belarus. The exceptions to this rule are Heroes of the USSR, Heroes of Labor, Order of Glory recipients, children under the age of 7 and students of any age.

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