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Moscow, 1908-1917. Dmitry Smirnov.

Painting: Moscow, XVII century. Revetment: Moscow, 1880s'. Workmaster's monogram "IC"

Bridal gift from the Princess A.V. Gagarina to her nephew D.A. Olsufiev., given on September 28, 1786. Moscow, 1786. Unknown workmaster

St. Petersburg, late 19th century. House of Fabergé, workmaster Michael Perchin.

Moscow, 1899−1908. Workmaster Feodor Rückert.

Moscow, 1899-1900. House of Fabergé.

Moscow, 1899-1908. House of Fabergé.

Moscow, 1900-1903. House of Fabergé.

Russia, about 1900. House of Fabergé.

Moscow, 1890-1897. House of Fabergé, workmaster Oscar Pihl.

St. Petersburg, about 1913. House of Fabergé, workmaster Henrik Wigström.

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