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Moscow, 1908-1917. Kuzma Konov.

St. Petersburg, Moscow, early 20th century. House of Fabergé, unknown workmasters.

St. Petersburg, 1908–1917. House of Fabergé, workmaster Henrik Wigström.

Moscow, about 1880. Artist unknown.

Moscow, 1903–1908. Y. F. Mishukov Heirs Workshop.

Icon painter Ivan Zaitsev, 1831. Revetment: Moscow, 1883. A. Kuzmichev Factory.

Moscow, after 1908. Orest Kurliukov. Icon painter V. Guryanov,

Moscow, 1908–1917. House of Fabergé, workmaster Feodor Rückert

Belonged to Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna the Young. Moscow, 1908. Nikolai Tarabrov.

Gift to Emperor Nicholas II from the Old Believers of Moscow. Revetment: Moscow, 1894. Yakov Mishukov. Painting: Moscow, 1894. Mikhail Dikarev.

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