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St. Petersburg, 1840. Imperial Porcelain Factory, painters Vasili Stoletov, Peter Shchetinin.

St. Petersburg, 1835. Imperial Porcelain Factory, painter Nikolai Kornilov.

Painting: Moscow, XVII century. Revetment: Moscow, 1880s'. Workmaster's monogram "IC"

Moscow, 1855. Maxim Shelaputin.

Moscow, 1899-1900. House of Fabergé.

Moscow, 1899-1908. House of Fabergé.

St. Petersburg, 1908-1917. House of Fabergé, workmaster Albert Holmström.

St. Petersburg, 1904-1908. House of Fabergé, workmaster August Hollming.

St. Petersburg, early 20th century. House of Fabergé, workmaster Albert Holmström.

Belonged to American tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt III. St. Petersburg, 1903-1904. House of Fabergé, workmaster Henrik Wigström.

St. Petersburg, 1899-1904. Carl Bock firm.

St. Petersburg, 1904-1908. Workmaster monogram "АТ"

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