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St. Petersburg, 1873. Nicholls & Plincke, Workmaster Robert Kokhun.

St. Petersburg, 1832. Jacob Buntzell.

Painting: Moscow, XVII century. Revetment: Moscow, 1880s'. Workmaster's monogram "IC"

Moscow, 1899-1900. House of Fabergé.

Moscow, 1896. Ivan Khlebnikov

St. Petersburg, 1908-1917. House of Fabergé, workmaster Henrik Wigström.

St. Petersburg, 1886-1895. House of Fabergé, workmaster M. Perkhin.

St. Petersburg, early 20th century. House of Fabergé, workmaster Albert Holmström.

Gift of the Emperor Alexander III to Mr. Mole. St. Petersburg, 1886. Workmaster K. Albrecht

St. Petersburg, 1840's (?). Workmaster's monogram "FG"

St. Petersburg, 1850. Sazikov Firm

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