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Fabergé’s Priceless Zoo

Program description:


The Museum’s youngest visitors and their parents can participate in a genuine adventure – they’ll go off in search of the fairytale creatures hiding in the items of Fabergé Museum’s collection. Along the way, they’ll encounter wondrous things: a bulldog that’s also a candy holder, an owl pretending to be a desk seal and a ladybug that transforms into a brooch.


After the tour, the kids can participate in a culinary master class in which they'll decorate pryaniki, a traditional Russian sweet treat, or a master class in which they'll make their own ornamental objects out of polymer clay.


Master class description:


During the culinary master class, we'll decorate the pryaniki with icing, edible pearls and other ornamental elements. During the polymer clay master class, we'll recall the objects in the Museum's collection and make our own. The children will be offered molds that can help them easily make a brooch, magnet or pendant.


An up-to-date schedule of the master classes is available at the Museum's ticket office on the day. The rules for attending Fabergé Museum's programs for children can be found here.


Recommended age: 5-10

Program duration: 90 minutes

Type of ticket
Type of ticket and cost:

Children’s ticket for 1 person
Cost 600 rub.
Family ticket for 2 people (1 adult + 1 child)
Cost 1 000 rub.
A guided tour for a group of up to 15 people can be booked by sending a request via email: 3332655@fsv.ru
Group tour with the master class
Cost 10 500 rub.
Group tour without the master class
Cost 5 250* rub.

*This price is available during booking if supporting documentation for eligibility is provided in the form of a list of the group participants with their date of birth.

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